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Twenty8Watch Period Tracker

Twenty8Watch Period Tracker

This app was designed for men and women. Men can’t read women, not even on a good day, and women intuitively know their monthly hormonal changes but need a little help remembering the last date of the last period, be it for medical or for personal reasons. Men need lots of help. DOWNLOAD IT NOW. For your man or for a special lady in your life.


Open the app on your phone.

Select the first or the last day of your partner’s menstrual cycle. That is it!

If using your Android gear, turn on your Bluetooth on the phone and on the Android gear and app will sync to the Android watch.

Notifications will inform you when she is in her fertile days or on her period.

A Pause button for both Ovulation and Period is included to accommodate women who have irregular cycles or fluctuations due to stress, travel or medical conditions.


She is late! She is early! Simply tap PERIOD BUTTON if her period arrives early, and the countdown will restart. If you are trying for a baby and your loved one lets you know that she has ovulated early, tap on the OVULATION BUTTON, the app will recalculate the countdown.

A smart OVULATION COUNTDOWN will tell you when your chances are looking really good for getting lucky, or when she is fertile the most if trying for a baby. You will start to pick up on symptoms by just one glance at the countdown on your phone or your Android gear. This is a relationship saver app.


make men aware of all of the mood changes during the monthly cycle, offering advice before her period arrives and after her period arrives. Understanding female hormonal wickedness is an art. With a quick glance, the man can see if She Will Likely Love or She Will Hurt Him on a specific day of her cycle, or if he needs to buy a pizza and lots of chocolate!


BLUE Her mood is lighter every single day, she is easy to talk to. She turns into a sweet, loving creature few days after her period, you have your girl back. Enjoy next two weeks.

GREEN She is light and happy, positive and flirty! Go on fun dates. Foreplay all week.

PINK Impatient, moody, weight changes. Sensitive. Don’t make a sound, nod yes and run.

RED Angry, low mood, depressed, frantic, bloated. Crazy mood swings alert. CodeRed.

These are just some of many mood changes woman in your life might experience and this RELATIONSHIP SAVER app will make you aware of all of them. You can plan your holidays or romantic getaways accordingly. Twenty8Watch app eliminates the guesswork with pre-written day to day notes to help you understand her state of mind on each day of the monthly cycle. It’s called survival.

We have done your homework for you. Twenty8Watch app has been tested on some of the feistiest women on the planet. No men were hurt in making this app.

Communication with a partner is the most important part of any relationship and we hope this app will help you do just that, open communication leads to a happy wife and happy life. Everybody gets lucky and lives happily ever after. If it fails on any given day, smile and wave. Maybe run and hide. Send us feedback when it’s safe.

Do not use this app to prevent a pregnancy. We will not help you raise your children. Use protection.

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